Archery is a very safe sport as long as everybody is aware of the dangers and it is conducted with safety in mind.

We follow and adhere to the Archery GB Rules of Shooting to operate the range safely and conform to our insurance obligations.

Archery GB has produced several Codes of Conduct so everyone involved in archery can enjoy the sport safely and confidently.  For further details please see the Archery GB Codes of Conduct 

General Range Safety

  • Never run, play around, drink alcohol, or smoke on the Archery Field.
  • You must not wear open toe shoes such as sandals or flip flops.
  • The Field Captain is in Charge, obey their commands either verbally or by whistle signals.
  • Wait behind the line until you hear one whistle you can then proceed to the shooting line.
  • Only load an arrow into the bow once you are across the shooting line.
  • Only ever point the bow at the target.
  • Once you have released all your arrows step back from the shooting line.
  • If you spot a danger shout FAST to immediately stop everybody shooting and stay behind the shooting line.
  • Wait until you hear three whistle sounds to collect your arrows.
  • Approach the boss from the side – never straight on.
  • Either put the arrows in your quiver or walk back with arrows facing down.
  • Never dry fire a bow without an arrow loaded.

Risk Assessments

BotT Indoor Range Risk Assessment November 2022

Policies and Procedures

BotT Data Protection Policy v1 May 2018

BotT Health and Safety Policy v1 May 2018