Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I join your club? 

If you are new to archery you need to complete one of our beginners courses so we can introduce you to shooting safely. If you are an experienced archer looking to join our club we recommend you contact us directly. 

Q. Why do I have do the beginners course before I’m allowed to shoot with you?  

Safety is absolutely crucial so before we would allow you to join our club we need to make sure you can shoot a bow safely and understand basic range safety.  

Q. My child wants to do archery, how old do they have to be?  

Children need to be a minimum of 10 years of age to take part in one of our beginners courses. It’s also important to remember that all children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You cannot just drop your child off and then pick them up at the end of the session.  

Q, What kit do I need? 

You don’t need any kit when starting out – our Club has all the training and safety equipment you need. Once you’ve completed a Beginner’s Course and paid your membership fees, you can borrow Club kit until you know what you need, then you can get your own kit to suit your style and ability. We will help you by providing all the information you need before you go shopping! 

Q. What bow styles do you allow (are crossbows allowed) ? 

We do not divide the club into “sections” of different bow styles.  However, our members shoot a wide range of bow styles including recurve (“Olympic” / freestyle / barebow),  traditional (longbow, flatbow, horsebow, primitive) and compound bows.  Although crossbows are legal, they are usually not permitted on public ranges and 3D courses, because, in addition to the safety issues, they can can cause damage to targets.

Q. I’ve always fancied shooting longbow / compound / recurve – what bow styles do you teach ? 

Our beginner’s courses are very much based on recurve archery.  However, many of the aspects of recurve archery are transferable to longbow / compound bow, and the safety rules / implications and general etiquette are the same regardless of bow style.  Following completion of our beginner’s course we have a number of coaches and experienced archers who can help you transition into shooting the bow style of your choice. 

Q. I’ve got my own bow can I come along and shoot? 

It depends. If you have not completed a beginners course then no you can’t just come along and shoot. We need to make sure you understand the basics of archery and are safe to shoot. You also need to be a registered member of archery GB to have to correct insurances in place. If you are a member or Archery GB you are welcome to book a session as a guest archer. The cost is £5 a session. Please show the line captain your archery GB when you attend the session.  

Q. I’ve always fancied doing archery and I’ve seen this really cool bow in a shop (or in an online auction) – should I buy it ? 

Bows (and arrows) are not one size fits all.  Therefore, we’d strongly recommend that you do not buy any equipment until you’ve completed a beginners’ course and taken advice on what might be the most appropriate equipment for you (based on your physique, ambitions and budget). 

Q. How often are your beginners course? 

We aim to run two a year. However, as our club is run entirely by volunteers this may change depending on people’s other commitments.  

Q. Can I reserve a place on the beginners course? 

I’m afraid not. We do hold a list and we will email all people on that list a link to book when the courses become available. These courses are booked on a first come first served basis.