Memberships fees

Our membership fees for 2022/23 for new members is £182 for seniors and £81 for Juniors. The fees are broken down as follows:

Membership or AffiliationSeniorsJuniors
Club Fees£120£60
Archery GB£50£16
Devon & Cornwall Archery Society£6£3
Grand Western Archery Society£6£2

Membership runs from 1st October to 30th September each year.

The Club fee pays for full access to all session each week and is used to cover the rental of the facilities and maintenance of club equipment. The affiliation fees with our local and regional governing bodies and to ArcheryGB pays for, amongst other things, your shooting insurance.

Associate Memberships

We welcome archers from other clubs and offer an Associate Membership at an annual cost of £150.

Pay and Shoot (Target Fee)

If you are already an Archery GB member and would like to visit us on an ad-hoc basis, our target fees are £5 per session. For example, you might be a University archer home for the holidays, or a seasoned archer moving into the area. We accept card payments on the day.

Please contact us first for more information and details of how to book  and remember to bring your Archery GB membership card with you.

If you are an established archer looking to join the club please contact us.