Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in our club and for the overwhelming interest in future beginners courses.

We do not currently have a course planned. Because of this we are unable to take names for a waiting list. As soon as the next course is arranged details will be advertised on here and on our Facebook. Thank you for your patience.

We don’t offer a waiting list so if you would like to register your interest for our next course please Contact us.

Address: Notre Dame School, Looseleigh Lane, Derriford, Plymouth
Duration: 6 weeks Cost: £60.00


Starting in Archery

The beginners course at Bowmen of the Tors consists of 5 sessions each of two hours.

The session is made up of one and half hours of teaching time and thirty minutes for assembly and disassembly of equipment.

All equipment is provided as part of the course fee and there will be no further charges made for its use throughout the duration of the course.

You are advised to wear close fitting clothing during the sessions that is comfortable to wear. This helps to prevent

your clothing being caught by the bowstring when shooting the bow.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Know and understand both the rules and etiquette involved in the sport of archery.
  • Be familiar with the basic equipment used in target archery.
  • Be able to hit the target consistently at a distance of 20 yards.
  • Know and understand the scoring systems used in target archery.
  • Know and understand the basic rules used in target archery.
  • Know and understand the principles of the ’rounds’ shot in target archery.
  • Have received information on other forms of archery.
  • Have an understanding of the organisations involved in the sport of archery.
  • Have knowledge of and have received information on the selection of personal equipment for the sport of archery.
  • Have received a certificate confirming the course has been completed.
  • Have been given information on the next step towards completing the sport of archery.

We advise that people do not purchase their own equipment until after the beginners course has been completed.

Advice will be given upon completion as to the best equipment for you as an individual from the club coaches. If you do already have your own equipment we do ask that you use the clubs equipment for the duration of the course.

Thank you and we hope to see you on the beginners course when it begins.

Andy Parkinson and Scott Way