Bowmen of the Tors - The Story so Far

Bowmen of the Tors - formerly Gleason Archers,  was originally a closed archery club to employees of the Gleason’s Ltd – an Plymouth based engineering company.

The sports ground at the side of the factory was shared with football, cricket and whatever else was required of it. It had several disadvantages; it was barely a hundred yards in length and the side dropped away alarmingly, it being on the side of a hill.

The archery equipment was stored in two wooden huts and to practice for a York Round (100yards) it was necessary to shoot from between these huts towards the longest end of the field, which was about a yard from the dividing fence of the next door factory; there was no overshoot requirement in those days!

In 1977, when the factory membership fell to just one employee , Gleason’s withdrew their support for the club. With a membership of six and £3.75 in the kitty, Bowmen of the Tors was formed and moved to Notre Dame School where we still shoot today.