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Welcome to the Bowmen of the Tors Web site - The Story so Far

Bowmen of the Tors, formerly Gleason Archers, was originally a closed (works) club but because of falling membership the club was thrown open to non factory members. The sports' ground at the side of the factory was shared with football, cricket and whatever else was required of it. It had several disadvantages; it was barely a hundred yards in length and the side dropped away alarmingly, it being on the side of a hill.

The archery equipment was stored in two wooden huts and to practice for the York Round [100yards] it was necessary to shoot from between these huts towards the longest end of the field, which was about a yard from the dividing fence of the next door factory; there was no overshoot requirement in those days!

In 1977 when the factory membership fell to just one Gleasons' employee, Gleasons withdrew their support and asked us to move out. With a membership of six and £3.75 in the kitty, it was decided at the next AGM to reform in the name of "Bowmen of the Tors".

When Margaret Byrnes, asked the Sports' mistress of Notre Dame Girls' School if we could use the gymnasium as our shooting venue, we were asked to make an appointment to meet the then headmistress Sister Kathleen S.N.D. The meeting was successful and for the first time we had indoor shooting facilities. We can get 20 yards distance indoors and can, [at a pinch] erect 7 targets, although 5 or 6 targets makes for more comfortable shooting. Sometime later, we plucked up courage and asked about the use of the Sports' Field and today, with Sister Kathleen still as our Life President still in office some 32 years later, we are still in residence with what is probably amongst the best shooting facilities in our County Society [DCAS] Facilities fine enough to host D.C.A.S. and club tournaments several times a year. The current School Head teacher Miss Fiona Hutchings, is the 3rd head of school since we came to Notre Dame. We can shoot up to 100 yards outdoors; still within the legal overshoot requirements.

The club can boast having 1 Sports' Coach, 1 Regional Judge and 1 County Judge amongst its current membership of 25+. We have also several County Team members, some members who have either shot for or been selected for training in the England squad and an ex- member who has been an European Champion (disabled) twice. He has also shot in the Paraplegic Olympics in Atlanta & Athens. Another member became the Regional Lady Recurve Champion more than once. As a Club we have several members who have broken County & Regional Records.

We try to run at least 3 beginners' courses each year, we have 2 Coaches Level 1 & 1 coach level 2 and enough experienced archers to assist in this. Hopefully more will be encouraged to take the opportunity in the not too distant future to take the Coach's Level 1 Course.

We have several Members who shoot all disciplines of the Sport - Recurve Bows , Longbows , Compound Bows.

Our current Committee consists of:
Club Chairman: Mr.Andrew Parkinson
Club Secretary: Mrs. Emma Martyn
Club Treasurer: Mrs. Ester Forster
Records Officer: Mr.Andrew Vanstone
Head Coach: Mr.Scott Way
Equipment Officer: Mr. Howard German
Junior Representative: Miss. Sophie Taberner

Our shooting nights are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. and Sunday mornings between 9 AM and 12.30 PM. In inclement weather we can use the indoor facilities. So we do not have to stop regular shooting because of bad weather!